Chicago Day 2

Chicago Day 2

Day twoooo!

Day two was amazing! We got to see so many places and things in Chicago. I decided to wear a maroon top with a black shirt under and black printed pants. I went for different hairstyles every day in Chicago so I curled my hair that day! 🙂


I brought along a purple purse that was given to me from my cousin Rebecca from Hyderabad, Pakistan. I was not sure what to wear the purple purse with, but thought it might look good with this so I brought it along!


Chicago views are just so breathtaking. Downtown Chicago actually reminded me a bit of Downtown LA but cleaner, bigger, and greener compared to it.


Outit details:

  • Maroon Top: Target
  • Pants: Nordstrom
  • Purse: Hyderabad, Pakistan
  • Sandals: Wet Seal (I think)
  • Necklace: Forever 21

Showing my curly hair for day two!


After walking so much we finally got to eat lunch at Pizzeria Uno. I was not a fan of their Deep Dish Pizza sadly.

After walking to Pizzeria Uno and eating lunch there, we took an Uber to the Art Institute of Chicago. It is rated one of the best museums according to TripAdvisor! It truly is a must-see museum. It has spectacular art of all kinds!


Islamic art was my favorite to look at. I actually learned so much at this museum even though I was probably there for two hours. We were on a time crunch so we can go see other places before they close.

A quick refreshing break! We stopped at the cafe in the museum to get a latte and some coffee.

The museum along with its gorgeous art had an amazing view of Millenium Park from their windows.

After the Art Institute of Chicago, we crossed the street to see the BEAN!


We sat in another Uber after visiting the Bean to Navy Pier. We had the pleasure of watching the sunset at Navy Pier while waiting for the boat ride!

*Side Note: Took so many taxi and Ubers and noticed that most chicago drivers drive so crazy! They drive so fast and make quick turns. Hold on tight for your life when you are there LOL and be sure to buckle up!

We jumped onto a nighttime architectural boat ride at Navy Pier and OH MY. What a sight. The buildings look so bright and pretty at night. It is definitely a view to remember. I would totally recommend all of you to take the boat ride if you are visiting Chicago. The boat ride guide told us about the history of most of the buildings we were passing by which was very interesting and cool. I also learned that Chicago can get pretty cold snoey winters. The weather there is so random, unlike Los Angeles!


AND AGAIN… we took another Uber and went to SkyDeck Chicago in Willis Tower. This place reminded me of SkySpace LA so much. What differentiatied this from SkySpace LA was that SkyDeck Chicago has a glass ledge all around that allows people to view the whole city while being on the glass. I loved it! <3 I am such a view lover.


Hopped on to another Uber to go eat some Pakistani food for dinner. We went to New Zaika and THEIR BIRAYNI WAS OMG. Their biryani reminded me of the Sindhi Biryani my grandma used to make at home for us. I would give that restaurant five stars!


That was the end to Day 2! After we ate dinner we head back to our hotel and I worked out in the hotel gym after eating so much, phew.

To sum it up we went to:

  1. Pizzeria Uno – Lunch
  2. Art Institute of Chicago – Museum
  3. Millenium Park – THE BEAN!
  4. Navy Pier – Boat Ride
  5. SkyDeck Chicago – View
  6. New Zaika – Dinner

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section about Chicago and my trip! 🙂

Until day three… 😉