Chicago Day 3

Chicago Day 3

The weather unexpectedly became gloomy in Chicago on day three of our trip. It was humid but gloomy and rainy, which almost never happens in Los Angeles! I wore a short sleeve bright blue tee with blue jeans and some cute comfy sandals. When it came to sandals and shoes in Chicago, all I wanted was comfort because we were walking around so much. I wore some bracelets and a necklace to compliment the V-neck of my shirt. I kept the makeup looking nude and not too fancy for the casual look I was going for with the blues.


We woke up a bit late so our first stop was to get some brunch at Giordano’s. Since I did not like Pizzeria Uno the day before, I wanted to try Giordano’s because my friends recommended it to me. I loved it!

The museums in Chicago are SO COOL compared to other museums I have seen before. Their museums are so big and I learned so much from just looking around. We only got to see two museums that day since they close at around 5 or 6pm.


The Museums we saw that day were:

  1. Museum of Science and Industry
  2. Shedd Aquarium


After we saw the museums, we head back to our hotel to rest and change clothes. We met with some friends in Chicago for dinner and are in the Devon area.

I wore a black top and some grey jeans with black flats! And I paired it with a black small purse. 🙂


If you ever go to Devon in Chicago I would recommend going to Usmania for dinner and Tahoora for some sweets after. 😉

Around 10pm after dinner, we watched the movie Snowden at an AMC near our hotel. Oh my, that was an intense movie for me. It scared me about using social media for like a day or two lol. I found out that the movie is based off a real story that happened a couple years back.

That was our last whole day spent in Chicago guys! Tune in to my last Chicago post coming soon to hear about what I did before I took my flight back to Los Angeles!