Getting Ready for Fall

Getting Ready for Fall

Fall season has commenced! (Even though it is still hot it Los Angeles these past few days.)


Don’t know how to get ready for fall? Here are some ways you may or may not know about how to get ready for fall! These are some things I start to do when I can feel the weather is getting colder…

  1. Pull out the sweaters, scarves, & boots! The best part about fall is being able to layer up and stay cozy. I love wearing scarves too because it not only adds a pop of color and style to your outfit, but keeps your neck warm 🙂
  2. Decorate Pumpkins. You can buy pumpkins and decorate it or carve it with fun faces to put on your front porch or in your house. You can also find some plush decor pumpkins at Jo Ann’s or other decor stores! (The two shown in the photos are from Jo Ann’s. They were 50% off!)
  3. Decorating the house with fall feels <3 This is my favorite part because you get to change the look of your place to feel warmer and start adding some brown, orange, and maroon colors. Adding candles with fall smells also adds a cozy feel in case you don’t have a fireplace.
  4. Campfires/Bonfires and Marshmallows (YAY). Usually people do not know what outdoor activities to do during fall, but it is a great season to spend time with family and friends for an outdoor campfire/bonfire and eat marshmallows together! You can have a good time, eat, and play games around the fire.
  5. HOT CHOCOLATE!!! (MY FAV) I love anything chocolate to be honest, but hot chocolate (especially from Starbucks) during fall is the best way to get you out of bed and wake you up! There are also some cafes that make special flavors for fall season – maybe you would like to try them out?!
  6. Keep yourself busy with a book at home or watch Netflix :p When it rains or if you rather stay home than go outside, relax at home on your sofa or bed with a book that interests you. You can also spend time watching Netflix yourself, with friend(s), or with your family!

Hope you all enjoyed my tips on how to get ready for fall and some things to do to during this beautiful season! <3

Let me know if you do these already, what you think, or share some fall tips with me that you do during this chilly season! 🙂

xo, Nadia