Hyderabad, Pakistan

Hyderabad, Pakistan

I took Emirates and visited Pakistan for three weeks! I got to visit three amazing cities in Pakistan! One of which was Hyderabad, Pakistan for my cousin’s weddings. It was my first time visiting Pakistan and to sum up my trip, it was a life-changing experience.


When I landed in Karachi, the first thing I noticed is that it smelled really different from America. From the airport we then drove to Hyderabad which is about a 2 hour drive. I was shocked to see how different the roads and streets are from America. There are no driving rules there and a lot more traffic on the roads.


The best part about Hyderabad was the shopping in Resham Gali and other outdoor mall areas! Loved buying dresses and jewelry, I made sure to buy a lot to bring home back to California. 🙂 The gold in Pakistan are so pretty and the designs are unique. The jewelry above is a dhoorie necklace, which Sindhi brides usually wear.


Visiting people for the first time and seeing the culture there was shocking. People talk differently, think differently, and the clothing is different too. Pakistani weddings are also not like Pakistani weddings I attended in America. The culture there is more vibrant! I miss the strong sense of familial ties there. People there care about their families and loved ones.


Below are pictures from Sindhology Museum in Hyderabad. They made a little village of Sindhi people’s lifestyle. It shows the culture, the clothes they wear, and how marriages are done.

img_2377img_2386 img_2387 Stay tuned for my visit to Lahore and Karachi! 🙂