Karachi, Pakistan

I love Karachi!

After spending a couple days in Hyderabad then going to Lahore and then going back to Hyderabad AGAIN, I went to Karachi after 5-6 days of being in Hyderabad.  I stayed in Karachi for about 3-4 days. I have to admit, I had the most fun in Karachi. I also liked the city of Karachi because it just seemed a bit more modern and they had HUGE malls.


Kolachi restaurant was my favorite restaurant there. They had such yummy tasting chicken tikka omg, cannot forget. And the view was gorgeous. There were a lot of people even at midnight.


Another thing I thought was fascinating about Karachi is that they have big, nice houses for those that can afford it. I stayed mostly in Clifton area and I loved it.

I was lucky enough to get to see a Pakistan Drama video shooting LIVE! Thanks to my Dad, he talked to his friend who is a Drama Director for some of Pakistan’s most amazing TV serials. I met some actors and got to talk to them on set as well as see how an action sequence was like. It seems pretty hard to remember all the dialogues and having to keep repeating it if you mess up. They were having a drama shooting at night and after that I got to eat at Bar BQ Tonight which was also a great restaurant like Kolachi.

img_2839 img_2841

Photos from the Drama Serial Shooting – LIVE. I do not remember the drama name because it was a complicated long name, but if anyone of you recognize it, comment below and tell me what the name is! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading about my thoughts and experiences in Karachi!

much love <3