Lahore, Pakistan

Lahore, Pakistan

Hey everyone <3 

If you read my Hyderabad blog post, you know how my time in Hyderabad was spent! 🙂

So I spent about 4 days in Hyderabad before I took a train to Lahore. I was really excited to see Lahore because I heard it is not like Hyderabad. I was looking forward to seeing the beautiful Badshahi Mosque and I did. It was absolutely stunning <3 I have never seen a mosque that beautiful in Los Angeles (except King Fahad Mosque in LA is beautiful too). I stayed in Lahore for about 3 days.


The train I took was Green Line. So my train experience was pretty crazy (gotta be honest). I wasn’t quite happy with the bathroom situation, but I had to deal with it since it was a train. The cleanliness bothered me a bit since I am not used to going to other countries. I made sure to bring hand sanitizer from Los Angeles and oh was I glad I did because every chance I got I was sanitizing my hands in the train hahaha.  They had a nice little room inside though, with 6 beds!! Six beds in one tiny train cabin room, imagine that! I shared it with 5 of my other family members who went with me. It was a long train ride which was expected to be 18 hours but turned out to be almost 20 due to all the short stops on the way at some villages.

The cool part about the train I boarded on the way to Lahore was that they allowed us to open the train door in the hallway, so I was enjoying the air and speed of the train. I took pictures like the one of the train station above as well as some videos of the green nature we passed by.

The Lahore train station was pretty clean. I had a hard time finding toilets in Pakistan. Everyone uses a different kind of squatting bathroom, which I just COULD NOT use – there was no way. It was difficult to keep looking for toilets – the struggle was seriously real haha especially when my stomach was feeling weird during the train ride. When I got to Lahore I made the mistake of eating McDonald’s at the station. Advice: If it is your first time visiting Pakistan, do not eat there outside food because your stomach most likely will not like it.


We found a nice clean hotel to stay at called Royal Inn I believe and they had a TV inside, which was great (and the bathroom in the hotel room had a toilet, phew!). The photo above is a place called Liberty Market which was not too far from our hotel. They had a bunch of AMAZING stores with all sorts of clothing, jewelry, and shoes. The coolest part was that you can bargain with some shopkeepers to lower the price of what you want to buy.


My last stop was the Badshahi Mosque before I head back to Hyderabad later that Sunday night <3 Loved that place because it had positive and soothing vibes.


That’s about all I have to share about Lahore. Stay tuned for my Karachi and Dubai posts! 😀