Prom Flashback

Prom Flashback

Hello beautiful people out there! Welcome to my blog😘

So I was looking at some old pictures on my laptop and came across my prom pictures from about 2-3 years ago! 

Prom is a really exciting time during high school, I am sure many know. Girls are usually more excited for prom to dress up in pretty dresses and get all glammed up with make-up and hair to take pictures.


I went to prom with a couple friends and had a great time.

These pictures were taken a couple hours before prom by my talented photographer Dad💙

I remember coming to this lake area in Long Beach before and wanted to have my Prom photos taken here because of the pretty view🙂

I got my makeup done by Bare Minerals that day if I remember correctly. I didn’t wear much makeup during those days so I was excited to get dolled up!

What I’m wearing:

  • Blue prom dress: Macy’s
  • Earrings: Macy’s
  • Purse: Cebu
  • Heels: Payless
  • Makeup: Bare Minerals

How was your Prom day like? What did you wear? And where did you get your accessories from? Comment below and share! I’d love to know❤️

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