Proud to be a UCLA Bruin!🤗

I’m so blessed to be able to attend one of the best public universities. UCLA has been ranked the second best public university and 12th overall in the world!

It all started as a dream. I remember attending a cultural event once at UCLA years back and I recall being so amazed by the place. I felt a certain positive and determined vibe. I think the ambiance of UCLA that day made me want to strive towards success and work hard. So many people dream to be able to attend UCLA, and I was one of them.


Getting into UCLA out of high school was competitive and I was rejected. I decided to go to community college to try getting into UC’s of my choice (such as UCLA & UCI). I promised myself I’ll do what it takes to reach my goal. I was lucky enough to have a good amount of college credit to transfer after one year in community college. I was so determined that all I would do was study and gym – that was my daily routine in community college. I was so driven to reach my goal that I decided to branch out and learn more. I got out of my comfort shy zone and decided that if I want to do well, I need to communicate properly with people. I worked on myself as an individual and kept on improving in every way possible – mentally, physically, emotionally, and academically. Luckily I got accepted into both UCLA and UCI. But I chose to be a Bruin😋💙💛🐻


How is it at UCLA for me?

UCLA is a very diverse school and that’s what I love about it aside from the excellent academics. The school itself has a lot of resources and can be used to your advantage as a student as long as you utilize them properly! The best part about UCLA is that the campus is always bustling with hard-working students throughout the year. Not only does the school encourage academics but getting involved in social life, activities, clubs & events!✨ They say college is a time where you’ll find yourself – what your interests are, what you believe in, what career you want to pursue for the future, and making friends for life (and they’re right🙂)❤️.

It is also stressful at times to go to UCLA. Learning how to balance academics with social life was difficult for me at certain times this past year. I been trying my best to be good at both. One thing that always keeps me focused is the fact that I go to school for an education before anything else. How you do now will determine the future you’ll have!


In order to reach your goals, you must never give up and work hard consistently towards it. There were days where I’d feel sad and cry wondering if my hard work will ever pay off. I was lucky enough to have my best friend, Sameera by my side to cheer me up and always give me positive influences 💖. And here I am now at my dream school. It all paid off. Now my next few goals are directed toward prepping for life after undergrad!

Believing in yourself and making small steps to reach your dreams and goals is very important. Strive to do what you love and don’t let anyone stop you. Learn from people around you and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Trust yourself!


My favorite subjects in college have been Sociology and Psychology. Those are two subjects that were so interesting that I never got bored studying! I loved learning about personalities, social norms, gender structure in society, and much more.

I’m majoring in Anthropology at UCLA and hope to graduate soon 🙂 but as of now I’m thankful for every moment at UCLA around some of the brightest people I’ve ever met in my life. Whenever I walk on campus I feel like I’m still dreaming.

Always stay thankful for the wonderful things in life🙂! I hope my post inspired others like you to work hard to pursue your dreams and goals.

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