Maroon Flowy Top

Maroon Flowy Top

Good morning and happy Monday!

“Everybody comes to a point in their life when they want to quit, but it’s what you do at that moment that determines who you are.” –David Goggins –

Saw this quote and wanted to share with you all to start off a new week. There will be difficult times where you feel like giving up is the best option, but look beyond that. Think about why you wanted what you did in the first place. Never give up on your dreams and goals! Work towards what it is you want to achieve and do not worry about what other people tell you.


 Outfit details

Maroon Floral Bell Sleeves Top: Target

Jeans: Target

Flats: Wet Seal

Shades: Antique Shop for $8!

Big thank you to my amazing photographer Devyani Rana (Instagram) for taking these pictures 🙂