Modern Renaissance – Anastasia Beverly Hills

Modern Renaissance – Anastasia Beverly Hills

Hey babes! Hope you all are having an amazing weekend…

I recently bought the Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette ($42) from Anastasia Beverly Hills – YASSS!

I tried it out and love the neutral shades as well as some of the bright colors.

The eyeshadow palette has 14 shades:

Tempera – matte beige

Golden Ochre – matte earthy yellow

Vermeer – metallic iridescent shell

Buon Fresco – matte antique lavender

Antique Bronze – metallic and satin

Love Letter – matte raspberry

Cyprus Umber – matte dark coffee

Raw Sienna – matte neutral amber

Burnt Orange – matte deep orange

Primavera – metallic shimmery gold dust

Red Ochre – matte sienna

Venetian Red – matte crimson

Warm Taupe – matte earthy gray

Realgar – matte brick

img_1105 img_1101

My favorite shadow colors are Red Ochre, Vietnam Red, and Antique Bronze because I think they are very pigmented! 🙂  I am all about bright popping shades of colors but also like neutral shades for a more dull look.

The first thing I noticed when I got the palette is that the cover top of the palette is soft and is a light shade of pink which is different than hard cover palettes such as the Smoky Urban Decay Naked palette.

I personally like the texture of the brushes because it is soft and makes the shades easy to apply. It is double sided which is also a plus. Anastasia Beverly Hills cosmetics are amazing and beautiful. 🙂

img_1093 img_1096 img_1103

Tip: You can use some of the sparkly shades such as Vietnam Red over your lip color for a sparkly shimmer. 😉

Let me know what you think about this palette if you have tried it yourself already.

Also, I hope you all entered my giveaways that I am doing on Instagram! I love giving back to my followers through giveaways so keep a lookout for future ones to enter!


Nadia <3