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Hey everyone!

Have you heard of Mieroglyphs before?

Mieroglyphs is a design and manufacturing accessories line that retails cruelty-free, vegan, hand-crafted, inspirational products. They provide accessories as vehicles for motivation, inspiration and positivity. You will be spreading inspiration and positivity through custom messages engraved on each item and wearable as a daily reminder. They have accessories for people and for pets!


I myself ordered the “Coy Pond” bracelet because I loved the color. I engraved the quote: “Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most” because when I saw it on their website, it really stuck to me. This quote reminds me whenever I look at it that every day we have the chance to improve ourselves. We do not need to look back and judge ourselves for things that are done. We can fix it by moving forward and appreciating what matters most to us. If you know me through my posts on Instagram and my blog posts, you know that I love positivity. I believe that Mieroglyphs products can make great gifts and encourage you to check out their products. *note: It takes a while to come in the mail though, so be ready to wait a week or two to receive it.*


Materials my bracelet is made of:

cotton blue watercolor | back: cork-leather | stainless steel | magnetic clasp
Check out their website and use my promo code NADIA20 to receive 20% off! Click Here: Mieroglphys
Enjoy 🙂