Essence of Scents

Essence of Scents

Hey loves!👋🏼

As human beings we can sometimes get a bit smelly, am I right?😜 oops.

In other words, don’t we all love to smell yummy?😉I know I do!

As a girlie girl that I am, I always make sure that I put some sort of scent on me before leaving the house to hang out with friends or going to work. Before I started using body mists, perfumes, and scented lotions, I used to be so self conscious sometimes as to if I smell around people. It’s natural to end up sweating when it gets too warm or hot and sometimes our bodies produce it’s own type of smell once our deodorant scent wears out. Worry not, I am here to talk about my favorite scented products that I snagged on sale just recently!

I was blessed by parents with a lovely Dior perfume on New Year’s Eve and I absolutely adore it. I never had a Dior perfume before maybe that’s why! The perfume was well chosen and fits my type of smell. I am not into strong perfumes, instead I like floral or light scented girlie ones, just like my Miss Dior perfume.

To add to my collection of scented items, I bought myself a Soothing Scrub Wash, a Fragrance Mist, and Hydrating body lotion from Victoria’s Secret. They were having great sales the day I stopped by at their store. The Fragrance Mists were only $4 and I got the Scrub Wash and Body Lotion for a 2 for $15 price. I like these products because they are amazing. The Scrub makes me feel clean and feminine when I use it in the shower and the lotion makes me feel super soft when I apply it to my dry skin. I highly recommend checking out Victoria’s Secret items if you have not used them before. Scroll down to get direct links loves!


Miss Dior Perfume: similar here

Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mists: here

Victoria’s Secret Lotions: here

What types of products do you use to smell good? Comment below and let me know!





  1. Sujatha
    January 6, 2017 / 9:12 am

    Diors makes some amazing perfumes.
    I’m currently using Michael Kors’ Wonderlust, it reminds me of travel ✈️🌎🌞🏝⛱….and try to escape to a new place..probably time to plan a holiday soon.

    • Nadia
      January 6, 2017 / 9:48 am

      Yes they do make amazing perfumes 🙂 I love that scent too it’s great!

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