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Do you worry about your face feeling dry or as if you have been neglecting your skin lately? Worry not! I am dedicating this post to a special company that has helped me rejuvenate my skin with their lovely face masks.

I tried out Dua Body products and I absolutely love them! Scroll down for more details…

A huge thank you to Dua Body for these three great products😊

 I directly linked the exact products for easy access to them!

Glow Coco – sea sand scrub: here

The Glow Coco scrub is absolutely amazing and here’s why: it has virgin coconut oil, algae extract, and rosehip seed oil. As soon as I opened the container, it smelled like fresh coconut! I used the tiny spoon to mix the contents in the jar, then I took some of the Glow Coco scrub onto my fingers and started rubbing it onto my face in a circular motion. After leaving it onto my face for about 7 minutes, I washed the scrub off and OH MY… My skin felt so soft and hydrated. The coconut definitely did wonders to my skin!!

Oh Honey – honey face mask: here

What I love about Oh Honey is that it helps my face to clear up acne and scars which I always try to hide under my foundation. It also nourishes and hydrates the skin. It has a sticky feeling when you apply it to your face due to the honey, but that’s how it works well to function in three amazing ways! I dampened my face before applying it, and massaged a small amount of the face mask. I left it on for about 5 minutes and when I washed it, my face felt so refreshed – ahhh! 😊

Love You – rose face mask: here 🌹

Love you is more of a gentle face mask compared to Glow Coco and Oh Honey. It helps detoxify, heal, and soften the skin. I noticed that the rose clay helped to tighten my pores and reduced my skin irritation that I often get. Although this masks requires it to be mixed with either water, apple cider vinegar, or coconut water, I would highly recommend trying it with apple cider vinegar before anything else. I say this because apple cider vinegar can get rid of acne on your face! I have heard so many promising reviews about it and my coworker also recommended it to me. When I tried it, I noticed that my face slowly started to improve day by day.

Why do I love Dua Body? 

I love Dua Body because they use natural ingredients in their products to give clean, glowing skin. By natural, they mean that they do not use any synthetics, parabens, artificial colors, chemicals, perfumes, or any other toxic ingredients. When I tried these three products from Dua Body, I noticed a significant improvement in my skin. According to Dua Body, taking care of the skin is an important start to loving and taking care of our body – and I totally agree!

🌸To learn more about Dua Body and buy their products, you can check out their website: here or click on the direct links above🌸



*This Dua Body Review includes all my own thoughts from trying their products*



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