Dark Green Tribal Print Ruffle Dress

Dark Green Tribal Print Ruffle Dress

I absolutely adore dresses that I can twirl around in and see it flow around hehe. I found a perfect dark green tribal print ruffle dress that does exactly that! I find this dress so cute because it seems as if it is a top that has a flowy skirt bottom, but is actually a one-piece dress. I wore this for my Sunday out and about in Newport Beach.

As soon as I saw this dress online, I wanted it because I knew it would look cute with my black long boots. The weather has been bipolar in LA, raining one day and sunny the next, but I felt that this dress is perfect because it can be worn with and without stockings and can still keep a girl warm with long boots! I would also recommend wearing this dress with a black hat if you’d like. This boho dress is less than $30!

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*One thing I do want to let you all know ahead of time is that I got this dress in a size bigger on accident than what my size is. I thought that I should buy a size larger because sometimes online clothes end up being too tight on me, but I realized that MakeMeChic is true to it’s size when it comes to dresses!*

I have bought and worn many of MakeMeChic’s clothes and I love the quality of their clothes. The best part is that they are now giving FREE shipping if you spend over $39!

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Dark Green Tribal Print Ruffle Dress: MakeMeChic (here)

Big thank you to MakeMeChic for this lovely dress❤️

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