My Rose Gold Beauty & Fragrance Favorites

My Rose Gold Beauty & Fragrance Favorites

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This year I have been trying some new beauty products as well as sticking to some of my classic fragrance favorites. I want to share with you all what items I have been using AND loving this year so far! Perfumes, scented lotions, overall facial care, and makeup have been the products that I have been focusing on to “up” my fragrance and makeup beauty game hehe. I genuinely hope that the products I share inspires you to try them yourself too if you haven’t before.

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Victoria’s Secrets Scrub Wash in Acai and Hydrating Body Lotion in Coconut Milk are my classic favorites. I have been obsessed with their hydrating lotion because of the fresh coconut scent. The coconut scent makes me feel feminine and soft as well as hydrates my dry skin! I use the Scrub Wash in the shower and it is honestly THE best because it gives you a beautiful fresh scent that lasts even after you are out of the shower! I copped these two products at Victoria’s Secret during their New Year Sale. I highly recommend these products because they’re AMAZING!

If you have been following my blog and Instagram for a while, you probably know that on New Year’s Eve, my parents gifted me a Miss Dior Perfume. This is my first perfume from Dior and I must say I am quite pleased with it because of the lady-like floral smell it gives. I spray a little on me before heading out to hang out with friends or a day out with the family! A quality perfume can go a long way and can keep you smelling wonderful throughout the day. The bottle itself is so pretty as well that I can never get over it! I use it about 2-3 times a week or more depending.

Aside from the fragrances, I have been into this honey face mask and makeup products. If you’ve seen my Dua Body blog post, you know what’s up with the “Oh Honey” face mask. This honey face mask has done wonders to my skin because it helps me clear up my acne scars a bit as well as hydrates and nourishes my skin. I put the mask on my face every couple days or so for about 15 minutes before rinsing. The ingredients in it does so many other great things to the skin. This year one of my beauty goals is to keep my face healthy with masks, facials, and clearing my acne and acne scars for.

A couple days ago, I changed my primer from Pixi by Petra to MakeupForever’s Hydrating Primer #3. I was looking for something that will keep my face hydrated before putting on makeup for quite a while and this seemed to suit what I was looking for. After trying it out, I noticed that it makes my face feel less dry (because I have somewhat of a dry skin than oily) and it makes my makeup look flawless. Highly recommend trying this primer if you have dry skin ladies!

Here comes the biggest makeup change I have done in a while… trying out Born This Way’s Foundation. I switched from MakeUpForever’s HD Foundation and find that it is oil-free which is wonderful because it does not cause me to have more acne break outs than I already go through. The foundation is not only light-weight for an everyday use, but it also makes my skin have a natural-looking coverage. It is fascinating also because it is infused with coconut water, alpine rose, and hyaluronic acid. I have worn it only twice and love it so far.

Lastly, I adore the NYX Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette. Although I am not big about blush colors, I was searching for a palette that has a variety of colors that I can apply depending on my mood that day and what I think would go well with my outfit. The blush palette has about 8 different shades which is so nice because I am not stuck with one blush color like before.

Products (with direct links!!)

Victoria’s Secret Hydrating Lotion Coconut Milk: here

Victoria’s Secret Smoothing Srub Acai: here

Miss Dior Perfume: here

MakeupForever Hydrating Primer #3: N/A online but I bought from Sephora!

Born This Way Foundation: here

Dua Body Oh Honey Facial Mask: here

NYX Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette: here

Have you tried any of these products before? What are your favorite products so far this year? Comment below and let me know, I would love to hear! 💋