Lake Elsinore Spring Wildflowers

Lake Elsinore Spring Wildflowers

Traffic jam because of flowers?!

That’s right!

Apparently, this past month, some pretty flowers in California have been causing people to stop on the freeways to take photos with them! There has been some spectacular wildflower bloom in Walker Canyon in Lake Elsinore on Interstate 15. I have never seen fields of freshly bloomed spring flowers before, so I was so excited to go see them. Yes, I love nature so much that I drove about 2 hours from Los Angeles to see them!

Some say they have spotted the California poppies too in the area, however, I did not see any the day I went because I did not hike all the way to the top of the hilly mountains. I came too close to sunset time so there was not enough time to hike all the way up. Be sure to give at least 2 to 3 hours allowance to spend there if you plan on going with family or friends!

I saw pretty purple and yellow wildflowers with a stunning view of mountains all around. 

I sat around for a bit to take in the views. I did not know there is somewhat of a hike to reach the mountains, so if you plan on going, be sure to keep in mind that you may have to walk a bit. Wear comfortable shoes!

Sunset time was spectacular amidst the blossoming spring flowers.

I picked out a couple flowers to take photos with hehe.

I wore a red floral shirt to go with the theme of flowers! I saw some other people wear white to go with season of Spring, which I am sure looks stunning in photos during the evening. Others dressed up in flower costumes, pretty dresses, and hats to have a photoshoot with the wildflowers.

Be careful, because you might spot some wild creatures such as lizards and rattlesnakes in the mountains!

It was so cool to see the moon about 40 minutes before sunset. I played around in the flowers and tried putting some in my hair.

I love that California has pretty beaches, bustling city life, but also has beautiful nature in the mountains. I know that there have been other blooms besides in Walker Canyon. Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve is another place you can go to if you specifically want to see California poppies! If you have not seen spring flowers in bloom, you should go while it lasts! 🙂

Location: Walker Canyon, Lake Elsinore, California 92530

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