Hauser & Wirth – LA Series!

Hauser & Wirth – LA Series!

Looking for a cool place to see in LA?

An art gallery named Hauser & Wirth has opened up in Los Angeles, California! There are other locations of the gallery in London, New York, Somerset and Gstaad. The gallery represents more than 60 artists and estates depicting a diverse range of activities that engage with art, education, conservation, and sustainability. It is said that Hauser & Wirth is widely admired for a sympathetic approach to restoring historic buildings and giving them a new lease of life as contemporary art spaces that invigorate surrounding communities.

I attended the current exhibition there, Jason Rhoade’s Installations. The exhibition is beautifully lit to represent Rhoade’s ‘Madinah’. For Rhoades, the act of visiting an art museum or gallery could be like embarking on a religious pilgrimage.

Rhoades emulated the plan of a mosque with no central element of worship. Instead, there are 240 slang terms for female genitalia hanging from the ceiling as neon sculpture lights. The diffuse glow is to beckon viewers into a changed space of political incorrectness, literally illuminating taboos in society.

I thought all the art was very unique. It was interesting to see how they laid out all different types of items to give a contemporary feel to their art and to portray certain issues.

The outdoor area of the gallery is very pretty is as well. There is a huge flower outside the gallery that is worth admiring as well as some chickens too in the outdoor gardens! If you are hungry for some food or drinks, there is a restaurant near the gallery. There is also a bookstore if you want to check out monographs, artist’s books, historic exhibition catalogues, collections of artist’s writings and catalogues raisonnés.

The exhibition will last from FEB 18 – MAY 21 2017!


Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles is open daily from Wednesday, Friday – Sunday:
11 am – 6 pm and Thursday: 11 am – 8 pm.

For more info, check out Hauser and Wirth’s official website: HERE

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