Ever heard of the brand Mezzi before?

Mezzi is a handbag brand in Vancouver, Canada that combines fashion and technology in the form of beautiful, high-tech bags. The Italian word Mezzi translates to: “having the means needed for a particular purpose.” The company designs genuine leather bags that come equipped with technology that promises functionality. The bags include phone chargers and tracking devices among its many features.

They have been featured in recent press including: Vogue, New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Flare and Bustle. They are also a favorite brand of Demi Lovato who has mentioned them on her Instagram previously!

They also have laptop totes that can perfectly fit in your Mac Laptop while keeping it charged! Cool or what?!

Can you imagine bringing your Mezzi bag on a picnic or road trip with your loved ones and jamming out to the audio speaker? I know I would… oh yeahhh. 😎

Out of all the styles, I have to say my favorites are the Envelope Clutch (photo below) and the Mini Cosima Classic!

The bags range in different styles, sizes, and colors between $295 – $645.

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