Knott’s Soak City!

Knott’s Soak City!

Ready to beat that summer California heat?☀️

As it is starting to warm up in Southern California, many are looking for ways to cool down and enjoy with the family. Orange County’s largest water park is the perfect family destination to cool off during summer as it debuts two brand new waterslide towers, Shore Break and The Wedge. Plus, Knott’s Soak City has undergone a 2-acre expansion and thematic renovation, which includes new shaded seating areas, spacious cabanas and a newly remodeled Longboard’s Grill. They officially opened on May 20th for the 2017 summer season!🌊

I am extremely thankful that Knott’s Soak City invited me to join them on opening day! I had an AMAZING day going there. I am excited to share with you some details of my experience.😊

Before getting to the front of the waterpark, you will end up passing by a tiny little lake. You will also get to see some cute ducks, roosters, and chicks frolicking around there that you can take pictures of and admire! It is a great way to start off the morning before entering the waterpark.

Before going inside the waterpark, I checked into the guest relations booth to get my wristband. I was welcomed to the waterpark with a cute blue Soak City bag that had a visor and some sunglasses.

As soon as I entered, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful and clean the waterpark looked.😍 Soak City did a nice job at taking care of and adding palm trees to the landscape.

I brought a bag full of things with me that included: towels, sunscreen, hairbands, my camera, phone, and a change of clothes. (**Be sure to bring anything you need for the day!**) Hence, the first thing my friends and I did upon entering the park was get a locker to keep our bags in since we didn’t want them to get wet. The locker area is right across the park entrance. They have a great safe locker system that makes it easy to put all your stuff.

Quick note: If you have a GoPro, bring it!! I wish I had a GoPro to document all my fun water adventures that day!

After putting all our belongings in the locker, we headed to get breakfast LongBoard’s Grill and then to the ribbon cutting for the new slides!

Snoopy made an appearance among many others who played an important part in the renovation. The Mayor of Orange County gave a welcoming speech of the new additions to the waterpark and how much value it adds to the families of the community. The ribbon cutting was done gracefully and afterwards, there was a band playing some music.

It was honestly such a perfect sunny day to go to Soak City. It felt amazing to be in the water and going on waterslides with my friends. We were enjoying the slides from morning until noon.

Around noon, we went to get some lunch at our special cabana. The service was beyond my expectations because there were amazing hostesses who brought our lunch to us at the cabana. The cabana was a great space to cool down and stay in the shade. There was a table and also some reclining chairs too on the side to lie down on and relax.

There was cold iced water and cups at our table to stay hydrated.

I ordered chicken strips with fries and coke for lunch – YUM.

As the day went on into afternoon, the park got more busier and hotter. The weather reached a high of 93 degrees Farenheit – WOAH! There were times that my friends and I decided to chill in the cabana than go out in that blazing heat – phew.

Here is a click of me posing with my sunnies on in front of the Old Man Falls slides. 😎

Aside from the slides, my favorite places to go are the Lazy River and the Tidal Wave Bay!

The Beach House and Cremmie Lagoon are the kid-friendly areas in the park. The Beach house has hands-on water fun including interactive water guns, nozzles, faucets and other surprises while Cremmie Lagoon has the small thrillseekers with a pint-sized playground.

After going on almost all the water rides and enjoying the day, we decided it was time to head back home.  They have a big restroom near the locker rooms that has showers for those who want to before leaving! So before leaving the park, we changed clothes in the restrooms. Radio station 102.7 was there nearby the exit gate and were playing music.

Overall, it was a memorable day at Knott’s Soak City on the thrilling new slides and renovated park. Thank you so much to Knott’s Soak City for inviting me to join in on the fun on opening day! I definitely recommend you to go at least once this summer with family or friends.

 All thoughts and photos on this post from #KnottsSoakCity are my own. 🙂

For more information and tickets, check out their website at: Knott’s Soak City

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